Mixed Media Art Quilts

Mixed Media Art Quilts

Quilting takes on a new dimension with these mixed media art quilts. Fabric isn’t the only material in these cutting-edge quilts. They combine intricate bead work and painting to create gorgeous works of art. Creativity knows no bounds and these artists are proving it!


Joyce used part of a metal screen and wire to create this free-standing, circular, art quilt sculpture with bleached and burned fabric, mounted on bamboo poles.


Vivian does a knock-out job with the hand-beaded detail on this floral art quilt.


Cathy used children’s crayons, dye markers and Sharpies to embellish the fabric in this realistic forest art quilt.

Rose was inspired by the wonders of the subterranean when she created this beautiful quilt with cotton, beads, crystal and pearls.


Eleanor pieced roses together with tea bag packaging in this art quilt that celebrates Earth Day.


Susan Brubaker Knapp, author of Point, Click, Quilt, gives a quick tutorial on how to paint on fabric to make beautiful, one-of-a-kind art quilts.


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