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Incredibly Imaginative Upcycled Décor for Your Home


Carved wood night stand

Carved Wood Night Stand 

This DIY expert walks you through how to upcycle an ordinary night stand and turn it into unique, artistic home décor with a Dremel tool. 
Upcycled Pallet Ottoman

Upcycled Pallet Ottoman

You would never know this beautifully tufted fabric ottoman was created from an old wood pallet – and it’s an affordable DIY project, too!

stencil old curtains

Stencil Your Existing Curtains

Old curtains look like new again with a stencil from the art supply store. The cute detailing gives the curtains a one-of-a-kind look and is a very easy weekend DIY project. Sometimes it’s the simple ideas that can add a big impact to a room. 
upcycled bike gears Stained Glass

Velo Gioielli

Bike-Inspired Stained Glass

You don’t have to be a bicycle enthusiast to appreciate these great upcycled, stained-glass masterpieces made from bike parts and colorful glass. How beautiful are these colors?
filmstrip lamp

Happy Factor

Cinema Filmstrip Lamp

These handmade lamps are made with 35mm filmstrip from different movies. Just think what you could do with all that old film Dad (or Grandpa) took on family vacations! Sounds like a personalized family DIY project in the making. 
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Melissa LeGates is a freelance writer and retired Air Force journalist who specializes in features and B2B writing. She is also a colored pencil artist and blogs about it at


Cute & Crafty Summer Picnic Baskets

Kick off summer picnics with these crafty picnic baskets! Make your own with a DIY tutorial or buy a custom handmade design – either way, your picnic will be more delightful with the perfect basket.

Refurbished Thrift Store Picnic Basket

Refurbished Thrift Store Picnic Basket

Laura from Over the Apple Tree made this adorable picnic basket for her daughter with a basket she found at a thrift store for 50 cents, plus some cardboard, batting and hot glue. The template can be altered for any size basket with a handle. 

Mosaic Picnic Basket

Reecreation Mosaics

Mosaic Picnic Basket

A traditional picnic basket gets an artsy kick with a china and glass mosaic on the lid. You can purchase this picnic basket at reecreationmosaics on Etsy. 

Cloth Picnic Basket


Drawstring Cloth Picnic Basket

This basket by Clover and Violet is cute as can be and closes up tight with a drawstring. Originally made with Easter season in mind, this cloth picnic basket is great anytime of the year! 

Picnic Basket Backpack

Kathy Kobrick Designs

Picnic Basket Backpack

This handwoven, insulated picnic basket backpack will hold it all – the wine, the meal, the dessert and more! The best part is your hands are free to pick some flowers along the way. You can buy your own from Kathy Kobrick Designs.

Butcher Paper Picnic Baskets

Butcher Paper Picnic Baskets

These individual picnic baskets from Oh Happy Day are made from butcher paper – you can download a free template. They’re fun and inexpensive to make, and the best part is everyone gets exactly what they want in their own baskets. 

No Sew Basket

No-Sew Fabric Basket Weave
ChiWei from One Dog Woof used a standard pattern for a paper basket weave and instead used fabric for this no-sew basket. What a great way to coordinate your fabric to your room and leave it out all year long to multi-task as an organizer.

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Melissa LeGates is a freelance writer and retired Air Force journalist who specializes in features and B2B writing. She is also a colored pencil artist and blogs about it at




DIY Makeup for Less

DIY Makeup Tips — Get the Look for Less

Good makeup can be pricey and sometimes not so gentle on your skin. But you can create your own foundation, eye makeup, lip balm and facials for half the cost. That way you’ll know every ingredient that goes on your skin and you can customize your look just the way you like.

Click here to see Lemon Sugar Scrub video 

Lemon Sugar Scrub

How you treat your face prior to putting on makeup is half the battle to achieving glowing skin. Why buy expensive toner or scrubs when you can use lemon and sugar to scrub your face into perfection? Kandee Johnson discusses how to clean your face naturally with common pantry ingredients in this tutorial video.
Organic Foundation makeup

Gwendolyn Sweaney

Organic Foundation

Mineral makeup is all the rage, but it usually comes with a hefty price tag. Author Gwendolyn Sweaney of Natural Organic Beauty Recipes shares a economical recipe to make foundation, along with many other great tips.

 Click here to see DIY Makeup Brushes video

DIY Makeup Brushes

It’s all about the brushes to create a flawless finish. Sara from Sara Beauty Corner shows you how to use human hair (yes, I said human hair) to make several inexpensive eye makeup brushes out of pencils and glue for about oh … $3 for a pack of pencils and $2 for bottle of glue versus $5 to $40 to buy just one professional brush.

DIY Mineral Makeup

Buy a kit from Brambleberry and mix your own eye makeup in various shades and you get to control the all natural ingredients that go into it. Let the Soap Queen show you how.
Click here to see Eye Makeup from Food Dyes video

DIY Eye Makeup from Food Dyes and Baby Powder

You Tuber Some Randomness from Me creates eye makeup from food dyes and baby powder. What a great way to introduce cosmetics to younger girls!

Charcoal Eye Liner

Charcoal Eye Liner

Britanie by Beauty mixes activated charcoal and coconut oil to create an eye liner that is a fraction of the cost and lasts all day long.
Recycled Lip Gloss

Recycled Lip Gloss

Hudan Kattan from Huda Beauty recycles crumbled blushes and eye shadows into lip gloss by adding Vaseline.

 Click here to view the video on Natuarl Eye Make-up Remover

Natural Eye Make-up Remover

This DIY is virtually free because who doesn’t have a little olive oil in their kitchen cabinet? Tati uses it to clear away mascara and eye makeup at the end of the day.

Honey Rose Facial

Kirsten Anderberg

Relax and detox with a homemade facial. Kirsten Anderberg, author of Homemade Cosmetics: Over 100 Recipes You Can Make at Home, mixes egg, honey and rosewater to make her personal favorite recipe, a honey rose facial.


Melissa LeGates is a freelance writer and retired Air Force journalist who specializes in features and B2B writing. She is also a colored pencil artist and blogs about it at

The Best Handmade Wedding Gifts

The Best Handmade Wedding Gifts

Weddings gift registries are helpful for choosing a great wedding gift, but how many toasters can one couple use? Consider the gift of handmade to show how much you care. You can buy direct from your favorite artisan, make something yourself, or you could even help the couple defray wedding costs by offering to handle a DIY wedding project, such as making treats to set a dessert table or creating unique reception décor. Here are several ideas to inspire you!

handmade paper wedding decorations

Kara Laughlin | Ann Martin | Jordan Ferney

Handmade Paper Wedding Decorations

Handmade paper decorations are not only affordable to create, they can add a lovely, light and airy feel to the wedding’s ambiance. Get the whole wedding party involved in a fun papercrafting day with these great ideas from some of our favorite papercraft experts:

cookies and cupcakes for wedding dessert table

Dessert Table Goodies

Here’s a line-up of eight desserts that can be easily customized to any wedding theme. There’s something here for everyone with chocolate, coffee, banana, vanilla and yes, even bacon…the star of many desserts these days!

Recycled Starburst Mirror

Amanda Lee

Starburst Mirror

For the couple who’s into environmentally-sound décor, make this recycled magazine starburst mirror by Amanda Lee of House Revivals. One of the best investments you can make in the thoughtfulness of a wedding gift is your time!

handmade personalized wedding vase

Felicia Nilson

Personalized Ceramic Vase

Help the couple commemorate their wedding day with a gorgeous hand-thrown and hand-carved ceramic vase, personalized with their names. Click here to see all the options from the Maid of Clay shop.
leather honeymoon Scrapbook

Eva Buchala

Honeymoon Scrapbook

Eva Buchala creates wonderfully-distressed leather honeymoon scrapbooks for couples to fill with photos and mementos. It would also make a great early wedding gift for them to use as a guest book.


Melissa LeGates is a freelance writer and retired Air Force journalist who specializes in features and B2B writing. She is also a colored pencil artist and blogs about it at


Camouflage Crafts

Celebrate Our Soliders with Camouflage Crafts

Originally posted by Melissa Legates on Jun 14, 2014 at

The Army celebrates its 239th birthday today. There are lots of ways to celebrate our soldiers – we have 480,000+ on active duty around the world. Make a camouflage tote, camo toys or even camo cupcakes – and some of these camo crafts would make a great Father’s Day gift, too. So take some time today to tell people in uniform that you support them and their family.

BDU Shirt Purses

BDU Shirt Purses

No need to tie a yellow ribbon around the old oak tree – military spouses, family and friends can proudly proclaim their support by carrying this camo purse made by Army wife Melissa.

Camo Minky Puppy

Ginger Peachy Kids

Camo Minky Puppy

It’s hard for kids to say goodbye when Mom or Dad is deployed. But you can turn an old battle dress uniform (BDU) shirt into a cuddly friend for the kiddos to love until their soldier comes home safe and sound.
Camouflage Cupcake Sandwiches

Camouflage Cupcake Sandwiches

Whip up these treats and watch them disappear! Debbie from Life is Sweets baked these camouflage cupcake sandwiches for her sister’s boyfriend who serves in the Guard and is going overseas for a year.
Camo Play Barricade

Camo Play Barricade

Blogger Midwest Moma rescued these boxes headed for the dumpster and sprayed them camo-style for her son’s Nerf Gun War Birthday Party. They make great barricades for little kids and those young of heart to run, hide and shoot with their Nerf guns. What a great way to recycle and create a playland for a few hours.
All Around Tote Bag

Camo Tote Bag

Jen Eskridge, author of Deploy that Fabric: 23 Sewing Projects that use Military Uniforms in Everyday Life, sells lots of great patterns to turn BDUs into purses, tote bags and quilts.
Camo and Flag Braclet

Camo and Flag Bracelet

Stacy Risenmay from Not Just a Housewife crafted these cute camo and flag bracelets from polymer clay. Wear them in remembrance of the soldiers you love.

Camo Wreath

Faccia Bella Couture

Camo Wreath

This camouflage wreath made by Faccia Bella Couture is a great way to let people know you love a soldier and support the Army all year long.


Melissa LeGates is a freelance writer and retired Air Force journalist who specializes in features and B2B writing. She is also a colored pencil artist and blogs about it at

Handmade Gifts Dad Will Love

Handmade Gifts Dad Will Love

Melt your dad’s heart this Father’s Day with a thoughtful handmade gift — buy it straight from the artisan or choose a tutorial to make it yourself.


Dad Hero Necklace

Alison Kelley Designs on

Hero Necklace

For the dad who has everything and wants to give back, consider this beautiful sterling silver necklace by Alison Kelley Designs for yourself and let Dad know he is your hero. Fifteen percent of the proceeds go to the David Turner Lymphoma Foundation.

Chicken Dinner recipes

Chicken Dinner with a Twist

They say the way to every man’s heart is through his stomach. So why not give the old chicken dinner a new face lift with Buttermilk Fried Chicken with Chiptole Mayo from the recipe book, Great Pub Food: Make Home Your New Local? Then add some quick side recipes like mashed potatoes from a Tummy Treasure and green beans from the World’s Healthiest Foods. Plus, what dad doesn’t like carbs and bacon? So serve him these Bite Size Bacon and Cheese Scones from the cookbook, Homebaked Comfort. Dad won’t even need to break out an after-dinner cordial with these Pecan Mini Pies laced with bourbon and topped with a crown from the cookbook, Mini Pies. After all this great homemade food, Dad will surely feel like a king on his special day.
Concrete Flower Pots

Camilla Arvidsson and Malin Nilsson

Concrete Flower Pots

Use containers you already have to make impressive flower pots from the book Concrete Garden Projects. Perfect for dads who love getting their hands dirty.

Fish Embroidered Pillow

Fish Pillow

Sew this beautiful embroidered fish appliqué pillow for the stylish and outdoorsy dad.
Handtooled Leather Notebook

Lady Artisan on
Handtooled Leather Notebook

For the creative dads out there, Eva Buchala makes a hand-tooled, leather spiral medieval notebook for writing down those special memories all year long.

DIY tile coasters
DIY Coasters

Decorate a tile by A Dose of Paige with your dad’s favorite theme and coat it with Mod Podge to create a water-tight coaster. You might even use a newspaper clipping from that spelling bee you won or basketball tournament that your dad helped coach you for hours to prepare.

diy Farmhouse Bench

Anna White

Farmhouse Bench

Build this stunning farmhouse bench for the DIY dad from the book, The Handbuilt Home.

hand-stamped metal Tag Charm

Alison Kelley Designs on

Keepsake Tag Charm

These cute keepsake tag charms from Alison Kelley Designs help you commemorate a special date with dad and would look great attached to the zipper on his hoodie or gym bag.

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Melissa LeGates is a freelance writer and retired Air Force journalist who specializes in features and B2B writing. She is also a colored pencil artist and blogs about it at  You can commission Melissa’s work (either writing or art) by contacting her at

Sneaky Storage Tips

Tips for Sneaky Storage in Small Spaces

Check out these great tips for organizing everything from jewelry to gift wrap to secret treasures with these DIY storage ideas that squeeze as much room as possible out of your small spaces.

Framed Earring Organizer
Make an earring organizer look like a work of art. Misty created this quickly and easily with quilt batting, pretty fabric and a picture frame.
Laundry Room Drying Rack
Kate from Centsational Girl built this space-saving DIY laundry room drying rack for a third of the price of a store-bought version. Now that’s sensational!
Mobile Wrapping Paper Station
Christina from 2 Little Hooligans was inspired by a project she found in an old issue of Flea Market Style Magazine — an upcycled wood kitchen stool turned upside-down into a wrapping paper organizer on wheels. What a cute storage solution that can sit anywhere in the house! If you’re not into sewing, you could attach baskets to the sides for a similar effect. This project could even be adapted as an umbrella and shoe stand to put beside your front door.
Upcycled vintage suitcase for craft supply storage
Craft Supply Suitcase 
Amy Powers remodeled an old wood suitcase into compact travel storage for craft supplies. Not only is this the cutest case in town, her clever use of a cookie sheet and magnets in the lid is genius! Whether you travel across the country or across the hall to do your crafting, this storage solution will keep you organized.
Dish Rack Lid Organizer

Dish Rack Lid Organizer

Donna from As the Card Rack Turns organizes her food storage container lids in the slots of an old dish rack. It fits nicely on the bottom shelf of your large cabinet for pots and pans.

Secret bookshelf storage project
Secret Bookshelf Storage
Shannon from Sewing Barefoot created this cool hidden storage box out of book covers and a small wooden crate. Along with instructions, she gives tips for how to keep the inside pages intact if you’d rather not completely destroy the books you’re using. Don’t have any unwanted hardcover books? They’re easy to find at garage sales and thrift stores.
Pet Pantry custom cabinet

Fairfax & Davis
Pet Pantry
Henry from Fairfax & Davis designs and builds these custom cabinets for storing your pet’s food and supplies. It doubles as a dining cart with two drawers at the bottom for bowls.
This pet pantry is one of many projects entered into The Craftys, an annual competition celebrating the best in crafts. If you vote for this or any entry (by clicking the heart underneath the photo), you have a chance to win one of the prize packs from  Red Heart YarnsWe R Memory Keepers, Blick Art Materials or I Love to Create. Each prize is worth hundreds of dollars — but hurry, the deadline to enter or vote is 5/26/14!
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Melissa LeGates is a freelance writer and retired Air Force journalist who specializes in features and B2B writing. She is also a colored pencil artist and blogs about it at  You can commission Melissa’s work (either writing or art) by contacting her at

Mixed Media Art Quilts

Mixed Media Art Quilts

Quilting takes on a new dimension with these mixed media art quilts. Fabric isn’t the only material in these cutting-edge quilts. They combine intricate bead work and painting to create gorgeous works of art. Creativity knows no bounds and these artists are proving it!

Joyce used part of a metal screen and wire to create this free-standing, circular, art quilt sculpture with bleached and burned fabric, mounted on bamboo poles.

Vivian does a knock-out job with the hand-beaded detail on this floral art quilt.

Cathy used children’s crayons, dye markers and Sharpies to embellish the fabric in this realistic forest art quilt.

Rose was inspired by the wonders of the subterranean when she created this beautiful quilt with cotton, beads, crystal and pearls.

Eleanor pieced roses together with tea bag packaging in this art quilt that celebrates Earth Day.


Susan Brubaker Knapp, author of Point, Click, Quilt, gives a quick tutorial on how to paint on fabric to make beautiful, one-of-a-kind art quilts.

Stupid Cute Sock Crafts

Stupid Cute Sock Crafts

These sock crafts are so fun and “stupid” cute. Below, you can check out tutorials on how to make all of these awesome crafts out of this under-appreciated wardrobe staple. Now, when you come up missing that one pesky sock from the dryer, you’ll know what to do with it.

Sock puppets

View Lion Sock Puppet video at 

Why not spend the day with your favorite kid or kiddies putting on a puppet show? Sounds like fun! A staff member from the Houston Zoo talks you through how to make a lion sock puppet and more jungle creatures.


Sock Horse

Giddy up, cowboy! Your little tyke will be gallivanting around the yard in no time with this easy sock horse from Danyelle at dandee.

Baby Sock Bouquet

Misty, CraftFoxes
Baby Sock Bouquet

CraftFoxes member Misty explains how to use baby socks to create this beautiful and practical bouquet for a great baby shower gift that is sure to be talked about for months afterwards.

Zombie sock puppet
Zombie sock puppet


This craft project from Halloween is super cute for anytime of the year. Becky Stern walks you through how to make your very own zombie. 

Traditional Sock Monkey

Paula Hendrickson, CraftFoxes
Sock Monkey

CraftFoxes member Paula Hendrickson explains a little history behind the whole sock monkey phenomena that started with Rockford Red Heel Socks. Paula also walks you through how to knit your own socks on her blog!

Frida Kahlo sock monkey
Frida Kahlo Sock Monkey

For the art enthusiast, there is even a Frida Kahlo sock monkey. Katarina Thorsen proves the sky is the limit if you apply a little creativity with sock crafts. She shares how-to tutorials and her latest projects on her blog Self-Expression Thru the Sock.

Sock Owl

This sock owl from author Brenna Maloney of Sockology and Socks Appeal is a hoot to create. Check out her many free patterns on her site.

Originally posted by Melissa Legates on May 08, 2014  at


Melissa LeGates is a freelance writer and retired Air Force journalist who specializes in features and B2B writing. She is also a colored pencil artist and blogs about it at  You can commission Melissa’s work (either writing or art) by contacting her at

Gift for Mom

Handmade Gifts for All Kinds of Moms

Posted by Melissa Legates on May 01, 2014 at

Spoil your mom this Mother’s Day with unique handmade gifts that you can either make yourself or buy straight from the artist. Whether she likes flowers, cookies, jewelry or helpful household items, all kinds of moms love a thoughtful, handmade gift from the heart. Happy Mother’s Day to all the moms out there!


Sometimes the simple things in life are the most beautiful. This luminary is made with a clear candle holder and paper for under $5. Mom will love your thoughtfulness and the ambiance it brings to any room.

choc cookies

Turn out a batch of these beautiful chocolate heart cookies for less than $10. Mom will love you for thinking about her tummy as well as her heart.


Nothing says love like a home-cooked meal! For under $15, you can make your madre this delicious lemon ravioli in butter and mint sauce for this Mother’s Day.


Corinne Crasbercu

For under $25, make this great patchwork three-pocket wall organizer with scraps left over from your sewing projects or the remnant bin at the craft store.

face mask

Pamper your mom with a homemade spa set for under $30. Start with this clay face mask, then make these cooling soaps from Brie Barnes, and try your hand at crocheting a bath mit, pouf and soap bag using patterns by Jessie Rayot. And voila, Mom will never need to leave the comfort of her own home to relax.


For under $30, you can create a monogrammed step stool so your mom can kick up her feet after a long day. Majré Shepherd shares a quick and easy tutorial.


For the environmentally-conscious mom, this tote bag has truly gone from trash to treasure for $55. Made from recycled plastic bags by a group called Conserve India, whose programs help to reduce waste in some of Delhi’s poorest areas.

soccer mom jewelry

Alison Kelley can customize a necklace for the sports enthusiast in your life. This hand-stamped sterling silver soccer ball charm is a great gift at $56 to remind Mom that you love her and thank her for supporting you at your games.

flower wreath

Carole Farber

This gorgeous paper flower wreath by Carole Farber is sure to please any mom. Priced at just $65, Carole will make it in whatever color palette you like.

indian jewelry

Joy Franklin

Let Mom know she still has your heart with this beautiful recycled sterling necklace called Dreaming in Hindi by Joy Franklin. It’s hand-poured and hand-cut with a 16 inch chain for $148.


Melissa LeGates is a freelance writer and retired Air Force journalist who specializes in features and B2B writing. She is also a colored pencil artist and blogs about it at  You can commission Melissa’s work (either writing or art) by contacting her at

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