Melissa LeGates professional freelance writer

Specializes in feature writing on overcoming adversity, Christianity, art and health


It is my passion to chronicle people’s lives — their obstacles and triumphs…sorrows and joy. I also enjoy showcasing products and services that help people live their best life possible.

Here are a few recommendations from clients I have worked with in the past. If you would like to work with me, contact me at or check me out on LinkedIn at to discuss potential assignments.

Sept 15, 2014

Lisa Fulmer, editor of Craft Foxes
Lisa Fulmer, editor of Craft Foxes

Melissa was very helpful to our team during her internship at Craft Foxes. As Senior Editor, I assign a wide variety of topics to research and develop round-up style blog posts. She was always very eager to jump right in and take on several assignments each month. She shared great ideas and kept a positive attitude.

Lisa Fulmer, Marketing Consultant and Project Designer and editor, Craft


Oct. 30, 2015

It has been a pleasure working with Melissa LeGates as Associate Editor of COLORED PENCIL Student throughout 2015. Job duties included researching the internet for people and items of interest, and managing content and contributors for publication. Melissa is friendly yet professional when working with people, always trying to get the best out of them by offering her writing skills and going the extra mile to do whatever is needed or asked of her. Although she doesn’t hesitate to take initiative to work independently, I am most impressed with her ability to take direction and correction with a truly fantastic attitude, always staying positive and striving to do what is required of her. Melissa is quick to learn new programs and procedures, all the while staying very well organized. When working remotely, communication is key and she always gives an immediate and thorough reply. Anyone who works with Melissa will quickly realize that she is 100% in and is a dedicated hard worker – it’s who she is! It is with regret that due to a merger, her current position with us is no longer available but wouldn’t hesitate to work with her again.

Sally Robertson, Editor in Chief at COLORED PENCIL Magazine






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